Sunday, August 22, 2010

better watch out

here i wanna talk 'bout ma self
only ma self*
hear it ? ?
see it ? ?
so , after all , they not talking so much.

nada mara neh , sebap ku bangun tadi , da ade dgr back bitch speaker*
middle finger lah !*
eeeeee ~

i'm a addict to music
definitely !
if there's no bulk wave , there's no me.
it's soul dude !
trust me !
i feel free. 

yes ! i do love ma ummi n abah*
one day can't attempt to see da picxa of both of them.
can't breath !
i dun ever mind if u think i'm out of ma mind !
like i fuck'n care !
suke aty ku lah*

see what ?
i'm a bad learner ,
but 'nobody perfect'
any else ?
'practice make perfect'
how much people practice to be that ? ? 
i wonder*

no boyfriend
suck up !
friend come first !
they ma life*

messy ?
yeah , that's me.
do i interrupt u guys ? ?
nope , really ? ?

i do adore most.
likely , to behave what am i.
no boundary*

silent is gold.
but , i do sometimes headless*
not insane. 
watch out !  

love cheese damn much !
love to laugh.
the best medicine sadness.
do i care what sound it is ?
oh , come on ..

i'm a not 'money maker' ,
but use ma own money.
and i'm not stealer.

live in here ? ?
how come ? ?
no parents , no control ,
they all shock !
damn ! damn !
suck up !

i'm not a care person.
there's people care me ?
yes !
but only my mom n dad.

eat eat eat !
my habit.
but i do respect now is 'fasting month'.

season bowl cut jeans addicted.
hate pink !
what ma dad past , is me !

taking few hours in bathroom.
hey ! do u pay all the bills ?
shit off !

rarely with phone.
i do ignore stranger.
but love

i've got licences for my future own car.
love going back with bus.
see what our Creator* did to us.
completing this Earth.
i'm a Muslim.

lazy is me.
i do care if it's going to worst.

hate smoker.
love joker.

surfing and online.
they all ma 'compulsory attire' for ma life.

i'm a late waker.
but still doing ma job.

they do hate,
but i'm thinking twice.
not supporter.

eager to see what coming next.
what the up-to-date.
but i'm not a follower.

they think i'm care of what they think ?
do i'm .
huhh ..

not all 'goodies' will end with all good.
and not all 'devils' will remain evil at all.

better watch out dude !