Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ladybug VS hamster

ok , ok , ok

mau story lagi boley ? ?
entry ni paling i like*
damn much !
hahahaha ;D

jangan mara ..
t kene jual ...
tiber tiber*

saya sangat suka 2 ekor benda alah* neh !
binatang* neh memang sangat special ...
sangat !
very !
woowww ...

plus ,
saya juga penCHENTA kepada 2 benda* neh ,

ni haa ,
siap ader button lagi ...
cayer ta ? ?
hahaa ;D

i love hamsters

i love ladybugs

nak ? ?
bak mai dtg kat bilik Z 218 D ,
mati haku lau roommate ku tahu*
ngeh ngeh ngeh ;P

haaa ..
here i've got a quote about da ladybug ;)
really nice ...
buy silly sometimes ;P

check this out !


            Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home.
Your house is on fire;
Your children all roam.
Except little Nan
Who sits in her pan
Weaving her laces as fast as she can.

haaa ..
cakap pasal ladybug 
teringat pulok mase kecik kecik dulu ..
weee ~
kiteorg selalu nyayi lagu neh dlm kelas ,
it's really work !
for a 'junior' who attempt to learn better in counting number !

yea ! yea !
so ,
check this out !
cute taw !
waaaaaa ...
suke suke !

present u guys 

 if there's occur happen , just click this link to check out 


The lady bird has 6 shoes,
6 shiny shoes,
The lady bird has 6 shoes with the buckle on top from the finest shop,
Then with a cough 1 fell off and she gave a scream as it floated down the stream (repeat until there's no shoes left)...
Her feet are cold she started to shiver so she jump into the boat and sail down the river

haaaa ,,
about the next cute bugs ;P
hahaha ;D

HAMSTER !!!!!!!!!!
waaa ....
i adore giler laaa ...
ta tipu !
betol !

here ,
got some pixies of them ,
cute weyh !
ta tipu !
betol !

here we go !

taa raaa !

so cute !

pilih pilih , 2 singgit * mail UPIN IPIN ;P

ni lah BAHANA* kalo manusia cuba cuba na jadik hamster ;P

ni haa ,
ader citer pasal hamster ,
quite funny ,
but FUN !
weee ~

hahahaha ;D

waaaaaa ...
da banyak sangat neh citer pasal 
2 'budak comel' neh ..
t perasan pulok mereka ...
hahahaha ;D

i just wanna say here
if there's thing or even a gift 
that i have been present to those u guys
it's really precious*
'coz it's does u look really special to me ;)
trust me !
nada bisik bisik* ;P

so , 
that's all !

let's share some more here ,
next again k !

promise !
weee ~

adios !