Monday, August 2, 2010

what a shame !

huhhhh ..
cuak gak seyh time BEL 311 just now ,
damn !

ok , ok , ok
haku na habak mai kat korang ape yg berlaku time class kiteorg tadi ,
agak memalukan laa , 
for me*
ta tahu laa members yg laen ..

u know what ? ?
lecturer kiteorg tadi bapak laa ..
huahuahua * gelak rock 

this because 3 of these students ,
ta leh na sala kan org laen jugak , 
kan ? kan ? kan ? kan ?
cian dier ..
sob sob son T_T ..

niway ,
kat sini haku bukan na cerita pasal 
kene mara ker ,
kene bahan ker ,
kene maki ker ,

i just wanna conclude 
the moral of the story ,
ok ,ok ? ?
buley kan ? ?
cheyyyyyy ...

actually ,
our lecturer is an Indian ,
so , 
does it make any sense for u guys ?
if the other race attempt to advise of our Malay culture about our polite n rules to behave well ?

bukan ker kiter Melayu "kaya dengan budi bahasa"
nada serius*

betul laa ....
ta tipu !

so , for me ,
please ,
behave well as what our traditional 'mother's teach' us ,
i need to post this ,
i need to say what most probably the flow it is ,
i need to object what people out there 'stare' us for what we are ,
i need to apologies to 'sir' of what the students behave just now ,

it's does not mean that we are all as same as like they did too ,
it's really a shame !
i knew !

but please ,

don't bother people ,
don't blame any others ,
don't persuade people that they totally did wrong ,

please ..

and , 
the most importantly ,
the chief main point ,
of what i am gonna say is

never ever let people 
label u just the same like a LOOSER*

heres ,
in this small planet ,
"nobody perfect"
yes ! it's does !
"practice make perfect"
am i right ? ?

so , 
what r u waiting for ? ?

grab the opportunity ,
take for granted !
to be one of the CHAMPION*
yeah !!!!!!!

ppssstttt* sal macam serius giler jer blog haku neh ? ?
kerek seyh ..
chait !

haaaaa , 
tahu pon ,
hahahhahaa ;D

ok ,ok ,ok
here some pixie 
that i really ,
definitely ,
obviously ,
absolutely ,
hate !
other hell* word
Fuck Up !
damn !

sorry please try later ,
tut , tut , tut ;P

Never let's people label this to u !

Never let's people label this to u !

Never let's people label this to u !