Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Don't Know

when sometimes be alone just n thus ,
here i come with something that might be i'm done it with a fault ,
but believe me i don't know ,
i'm 19 but in such the incomplete lane ,
there's lots here some kinda fun , mad , upset a little , n bored in seldom ,
but that's all wouldn't be any burden yet ,
i've got something to finish up then ,
try to hold for a while what the unneeded essential ,
could i ? oh , it's done but with a big deal !
not blame anybody . 
what i'm done it's all da way i am n i own .
remember to the spoken's told , here i come again !
i'll try hard for not hurt anybody , 
try to not just yelling when da time in trouble ,
keep positivist in deep feel'n ,
dunk for a while what people talk 'bout me ,
i'm a grown up young teens dude ! no doubt .
does it's grown up each all parts ?
i don't know .
but if people ask me so ,
i let ma self to creep finding from ma Creator* ,
if i'm not find them , i'm begging from Him* , keep begging .
because i do trust ,
who am i n all those my destinies belong to Him*.
and i thanks . Alhamdulillah .