Thursday, January 13, 2011


i can't pretend it anymore .
yes . i do mean it . i'm sorry for what stupid attempt before .
it's just for and only . 
even do i keep myself busy with things to do .
but everytime i pause , i still think of u . 
no doubt .
i hope that u can always find a reason to smile .
yes do i too . 
both of us .
even though u want me to act like we've never knew ,
u want to forget ,
then pretend we've never met ,
and i've tried and i've tried ,
but haven't yet ...
know what ?
then after all u walk by ,
and i fall to pieces . 
then somebody asked me ,
how was great if we should love Him (The Creator) equally ?
then , the answer for sure .
but here i just wanna u to know that ,
if some one asked me if i missed u .
i didn't answer . silent .
i just closed my eyes and walk away .
and then i deeply whispered ;
"yes . so much"