Thursday, February 24, 2011

Auch !

humaigod . humaigod . humaigod .
this is so sweet clip ever . both this sweeties, married already :)
love this song . love to see both u guys .
anything else ?
yes . 
sedang jelez in deep =.=' 
haha . 
after all, senyum je almost all da time playing this clip .
auch !

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dia Tak Lokek Ilmu .

itu saja boleh aku kata . 
being such people known going everywhere, then turn selfish .
i don't think she is . itu kak fyn (Fyn Jamal) .
bosan bosan tadi . tunggu queue na mandi . kalau korang pecaya lah*
with a short posting comment with her.
asking then answering . that's done after all .
bukan nak kata apa lah . that's start'n positive point overview . like !
dengar berita kak fyn di UniSEL 21/2/2011 . right ?
hope i'll be there . nak sangat dengar 'Suatu Pernah' live . 
so, here the short posting comment . 
sedang asyik kak fyn mencari tutor Arabic language . aku sibuk jer . 
korang pun can help jugak while she's seeking for a tutor . just fly your pm to her fb .

bila bila lagi .
boleh belajar allughatul arabiah ngn kak fyn ^^

ok . proceed completing assignment . 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it's happened .

that the best quote by Dr. Seuss i've been read .
i don't have too much precious things to yarn over n over again .
most of them tears dropping . then, i do pleased . never regret .
having fun time is a total soul made like a fake fairy tales is actually real ,
unless after all the story at the end will lead for a some kinda down under thought .
nobody knows . otherwise, it's happened by your own .
while the air is free , i never complaint most of the time . no payment . no rental .
just let it be . bad or luck . sad or fun . and that's how i will learn .
this because if i let go of what i am , i become of what i might be .
but still act with a bow face to my Creator , ask'n what else fortitude i have .
some of us think hold'n on makes u strong , but sometimes it's letting go actually is .
then , need some changes . that's it !
but it is never easy , i need fight to hold on n fight to let go .
go go u little grown up girl !
German super baby .
(wanna a baby like this please)

Tihs Aewmsoe !

hey buddy ! check this out ! very interesting .
so , for those students out there . 
don't worry 'bout your spelling in writing  yea . 
otherwise let them know this ,
if those teachers scold u guys .
then check out what the title of my entry is all about .
have a try then :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lagi Lagi

makin canggih makin hape dah . kau kata kau pandai . kau pandai hape ?
kau ingat kau petik petik keyboard .
kau tipu org ini . kau tipu org itu . kau dapat jantan ? kau dapat betina ?
sungguh aku ta tipu . ingat kau berubah . riak kau bercerita . pergh ! 
aku langsung ta tahu kalau begitu kau khabarkan kau sudah berbangga .
bangga orang yang selalu aku tengok orang banggakan , tidak ada heboh heboh .
belum ade starter pon kau boley hidopkan bangga sendiri . sadis !
sudah sudah .
aku jahil itu ada juga . tapi, aku hidup bukan mahu tongkatkan langit . bukan .
kalau ada cerita lagi . dari kau terutamanya . aku tunggu . aku dengar .
harap kali ini ceritanya jurus kepada 'hidup yang mahu mati' . insaf kau .
aku tunggu . kerana aku tahu sahabat kau . itu aku . dan aku sayang kau . 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Update !

actually i don't have such thing to be update.
after read'n all ma friend's blogs. it such something pop me out . 
people said he or she had won already.
they frustrating. perhaps happy. got new idol. 
find somebody that both u guys gonna b a sweet lover.
but some kinda bad luck happened. and failed to b independent.
they did grown up. with new fresh fashion. they got style already. 
somehow, they find out their new back stabber. wanna know all their miseries.
already got their own character. got new friends. got what people call it freedom.
i do hope if i wrote something here. i'll b feel released. b like u guys. b saucy rejoice. 
then after all i've forgot something. 
if all ma words are never worth say'n, i'd better silent. 
i wanna b a grow up little girl. no doubt.
and i do follow. 
"unless u try to do something beyond what u have already mastered, 
u will never grow".