Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it's happened .

that the best quote by Dr. Seuss i've been read .
i don't have too much precious things to yarn over n over again .
most of them tears dropping . then, i do pleased . never regret .
having fun time is a total soul made like a fake fairy tales is actually real ,
unless after all the story at the end will lead for a some kinda down under thought .
nobody knows . otherwise, it's happened by your own .
while the air is free , i never complaint most of the time . no payment . no rental .
just let it be . bad or luck . sad or fun . and that's how i will learn .
this because if i let go of what i am , i become of what i might be .
but still act with a bow face to my Creator , ask'n what else fortitude i have .
some of us think hold'n on makes u strong , but sometimes it's letting go actually is .
then , need some changes . that's it !
but it is never easy , i need fight to hold on n fight to let go .
go go u little grown up girl !
German super baby .
(wanna a baby like this please)