Monday, February 7, 2011

Update !

actually i don't have such thing to be update.
after read'n all ma friend's blogs. it such something pop me out . 
people said he or she had won already.
they frustrating. perhaps happy. got new idol. 
find somebody that both u guys gonna b a sweet lover.
but some kinda bad luck happened. and failed to b independent.
they did grown up. with new fresh fashion. they got style already. 
somehow, they find out their new back stabber. wanna know all their miseries.
already got their own character. got new friends. got what people call it freedom.
i do hope if i wrote something here. i'll b feel released. b like u guys. b saucy rejoice. 
then after all i've forgot something. 
if all ma words are never worth say'n, i'd better silent. 
i wanna b a grow up little girl. no doubt.
and i do follow. 
"unless u try to do something beyond what u have already mastered, 
u will never grow".