Sunday, March 27, 2011


An Incident 
X : Did u see him ?
Me : Huh ?
X : He's so cute and and OMG see ? He's walking toward. Humaigod .. Humaigod ...
Me : Is that da striking green shirt with da broom on his hand while holding the black plastic bag ?
X : What da eyes that u'r using ? ? Huhh .....
Me : I don't know. But it's a gifted. 
X : #%**%xyz##*%

You think love sucks because you and your partner had a little fight. 
That's nothing. 
At least you both still love each other. 

Loving someone who doesn't love you back, SUCKS.
Loving someone who loves your best friend, SUCKS. 

And then just when you think you are getting over a guy, he plays this little game and he says he likes you, you date, and then he dumps you and the whole thing starts over again. 
Love sucks. Life sucks. Everything sucks.

I thanked 'cuz imma not such a lovelorn.