Monday, March 21, 2011

1st try :)

huyeah ! huyeah ! haha . 
n now i did done it :) suke nye .
it'll sound silly when u find out what da real is i'm trying to done.
anyway, it's all 'bout da Hijab (tudung). 
sekarang Maria Helen n this Hana Tajima going to be da perfect icon then.
n i do love both them :) suke je pegi skodeng belog punya Geek Helen. shhhhhhhh :p
and and and . i've made mine then. time time dinner neh mulalah na melaram bagai.
but i used to be simple at that night. pakai pon baju yg Ummi beli n decide :)
sayang Ummi ! lebiu very strong ! ggrrrrrrrr . haha .
makeup sendiri sendiri pulak an ingat Kak Vee aka ma rumate balik :(
but it's okay, at least i've got her permission pakai her makeup bagai. thanks!
(reti pulak an) hmmmmmmm......
then, imma using only lips gloss, eyeliner je. the rest compact powder n foundation :)
and and da part that i do adore when there's NO GLASSES ! haha .
but just take a look lah. here some pics i'm gonna share. teeehheeee ^^
(just ignore da background, that's what people call it 'beautiful artwork', TQ)

caution! no Sexy Lips Contest please
when u wanna sound da letter 'M',then, ur mouth supposed look like this 
when da makeover done. feel like na nyanyi lagu Negaraku

and and na nampakkan macam cover magazine .
i did something with those this pics . heeeeee^^
it's up to u wanna say what ? wanna predict bad ? or even wanna click da 'X' ?
i dun even bother. that's it ! and once again thanks Ummi n Kak Vee. 
taarrraaaa ! ! (klon maklimah je macam :p)