Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big Boy and Big Girl ?

title entry kasi berasap tuan punya badan . haha .
okay . even already wish trough phone n call . still gedik na publish*
:hey u there! what ? oh, yes. both of u . Happy Birthday ! ! ! !

to Kak Tin,
okay. i have to admit that i really love being stubborn when the part by your side. i really really love did those things and now i need to apologize, but wait! it doesn't mean that i'll stop behave like that :p the real is your kindness takes my breath away and the part that your good nature shown melt my heart. serious! hence, semoga kak tin and your life flow always diberkati dan diredhai. bertambah umur and and bertambah rezeki. kak tin, you actually did almost what the elder sister have to done by. thus, i always loved being your little sister and and deep inside i really love you. (geli tak?) Ummi told ade party kecilkecilan :p so, to be honest, CAN'T WAIT FOR DA PARTTYYYEEAAHHHHH !!!!!!!!!
eh ? ade pic kite time dulu dulu lah. date at Pudu. kuangkuangkuang :D

zaman google google dulu.

hey you, you'r definitely legal now. let's cheers! chahahha :D and the fact is you'r getting older that me. remember what the frig'n happening from the past 4 month i guess. but i'm glad we'r still best friend :) actually, i don't have such beautiful words to be tribute then. tapi nad just hope that cael diberkati sepanjang dalam going through your life. by the way, its another day for you, God picked another petals of your flower (age), wishing your flower may bloom for years. and and have something for you (kinda murahmurah gift lah). pppfffttttt :p but i've got something for you that for staying younger is live honestly, eat slowly, and and LIE 'bout your age. chahahaha :D anyway, HAPPY BORNDAY !!!!!!
eh ? nad got pic dulu dulu kite jugak lah. tape ke na put in here ? what ? 
owh, thanks for da permission :p dan dan je*

from the past, never feel like blast

#Allah selamatkan kamu,
 Allah selamatkan kamu,
 Allah selamatkan kamu berDua,
 Allah selamatkan kamu.
 (potong kek nya potong kek nya potong kek nya :p)

freak'n rock cupcake's birthday :D