Friday, April 8, 2011

They Killed Me

they killed me. ugh !
here just pieces of picture that shake me off.
so, for those wanna try 'killing' yourself just click here. no doubt*

wanna hook your sweater lah

DD  ade jual ta shirt cenggini ? 
simple but cruel :p

nerdy look. pape hell i love ur polka
oo ammjayyy o_O

punk B&W. for those kurus sahaja boley ta :p

his glasses smoking hot.
once those couple cross. awww =..=
pardon? oh, yes. he's ma bf. shoes + cap = <3
wedding cosplay boley ta ? :D
cute !
adore this one. that's it !

that's all. thanks viewing 


#dari lepaklepak + kachak bergaya at depan Pavilion.
  ape salah korang buat own site, tengok feedback orangramai.
  and and bet this Tokyo Fashion. see ?
  because who's care? u wanna dressed? shorty? legging? jumpsuit?
  as long as. not NAKED. chahahahaa :D