Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Somebody said

If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than because he was he, and I was I. 

Nadhil Izwan

he's not my boyfriend. or even my gay partner.
he's my friend. my friend of friend actually.
well. say hello then to Nadel aka Abg Del :p
there's link there. his FB.
(dia hanya approve jejaka kachak dan awek cun) sorry*
i do write this entry because of damn bored.
and whenever i ask him to read my entry. he replied.
"nama aku ade ta at entry ko?" --"

N- not bad in action. poyo lebey je tengok. jangan delete*
A- a lil bit 'berani'. nak pegi ATM pon kene teman. sape teman $50. ade tak ?
D- damn twitterholic. follow him at here.
H- haruslah sabar. dia seorang yg kachak ea gadis gadis.
I- i'm the one who always said of what the above told u. HAHA!
L- LOL. (gila habis idea) tolong tolong*

I- i think he got girlfriend already. kan kan ?
Z- Zzzzzzzzzzz + Nyuuummmmm = Gemok. dia kata.
W- whatever it is...
A- a true friend is the one that...
N- never let his or her companion that casts u in the shade :)

that's it ! i'm done.
Nadhil Izwan upah ? HAHA!
sorry no pic. i'm about not sure to put it.
(nanti ko lagi glamour dari aku) HAHA!
eh? bukanbukan. mana boleh letak pic without permission owner.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Borrow and Snap

i do borrowed. and then snapped. 
status: Pashmina ummi punya
location: bloody bedroom
mood: acah acah cun.



I'm a Domo Bestfriend

somebody drop the sketch. who did that? love u
GF or BF
i ♥ domo


There's people

when fail, you learn from the mistakes you made and it motivates you to work even harder.
believe in yourself. have faith in your abilities.
without a humble but reasonable confidence 
in your own powers you cannot be
i can, therefore i am.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Mr. A

The thought of this is killing me, it's been on my mind .
Can't believe it's been right here after all this time .
And even though I love you I can't seem to find someone who cares the way you do
You know, I love the way we're always been nothing more than friends .
So why do I give every man the stand up .
Thought I was over this but once again I'm comparing you to him .
And I find that there's no you in him at matters

Boy even though your my bestfriend
I can't help it whenever I compare you to him
It's like I always do this
With every single man
And I hate that I can't find someone who's worth my time
Just like my bestfriend .

And I know you hear me say this all the time
I don't do relationships cause I'm on my grind.
But see your part of this
Because I just can't find someone who knows me like you do
Always brought out the good in me
Don't know just what you see,
Whatever it is, no other guy has even tried .
Remember when you left one day and turned around to say "your my bestfriend"
And right there you made me cry .

Even though your my bestfriend
I can't help it whenever I compare you to him
It's like I always do this
With every single man
And I hate that I can't find someone whos worth my time
Just like my bestfriend .

I'm trying to let you know
A part of me just can't let this go
Never had a friend, one who understands
with you it felt so free
I don't know whatchu did .
But I know whatever it is
I'm so thankful for you
I'm so grateful for you
Even though the things I told you ..

Lend your ears for this too. Thanks for spending the time here.

#if 'you' read this. then you realize who is 'Mr.A' that i'm talk'n 'bout.
  yes. i'm talk'n 'bout u. all the words were there. i have no more.