Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nadhil Izwan

he's not my boyfriend. or even my gay partner.
he's my friend. my friend of friend actually.
well. say hello then to Nadel aka Abg Del :p
there's link there. his FB.
(dia hanya approve jejaka kachak dan awek cun) sorry*
i do write this entry because of damn bored.
and whenever i ask him to read my entry. he replied.
"nama aku ade ta at entry ko?" --"

N- not bad in action. poyo lebey je tengok. jangan delete*
A- a lil bit 'berani'. nak pegi ATM pon kene teman. sape teman $50. ade tak ?
D- damn twitterholic. follow him at here.
H- haruslah sabar. dia seorang yg kachak ea gadis gadis.
I- i'm the one who always said of what the above told u. HAHA!
L- LOL. (gila habis idea) tolong tolong*

I- i think he got girlfriend already. kan kan ?
Z- Zzzzzzzzzzz + Nyuuummmmm = Gemok. dia kata.
W- whatever it is...
A- a true friend is the one that...
N- never let his or her companion that casts u in the shade :)

that's it ! i'm done.
Nadhil Izwan upah ? HAHA!
sorry no pic. i'm about not sure to put it.
(nanti ko lagi glamour dari aku) HAHA!
eh? bukanbukan. mana boleh letak pic without permission owner.