Saturday, August 13, 2011

20 already ?

hello peeps.
yes. i'm the owner of this blog. and i'm 20.
i don't really believe what is just happening right here.
still pretending*
but here goes with my wishes that lead for my birthday.
i'm not gonna elaborate more. which sound like a fairy tale story sometimes.
but for this 9th August. well, actually 4(four) days ago*
okay. for this 20th birthday.
i do really wanna start some new books. instead of change myself a bit.
because i do realize, i really need to change before i have to change.
even though no title 'teens' for me anymore. but trust me.
being twenty is not a sin. it's a gift.
because God always gave us a gift of life. up until then.
it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. and i'm learning.
when i 6 years old, i used to be a good kid.
but as i get older, i'm grumpy and terrible with 'them'.
'they' all knew that. too subjective with the word 'them', 'they' there*
but it is lovely, when i forget all birthdays, including my own,
to find somebody remembers me.
and it's worked! thanks friends. buddies. for wishing. for celebrating (:
thanks for this ♥ and this ♥. so sweet. so nice.
really appreciate that. really really do appreciate that.
and thanks poppy for the ride to Melaka. and celebrating.
got something then from him. sound like a kiss i got. but..
i'm a Domo's crazy. and i dying hard for that. LOL!
then i supposed to have this. right below here*

grrrr. see? if u heard Kungfu Panda. but i got Kungfu Domo. Watcha!
nice art there right? --" i do really proud with my poppy :p

don't ask me why he called me 'wangi'. please.
it's gonna lead with a long story then. 

instead of having,
80% of laziness
15% of wanna go back to bed
5% of a bit hungry during this fasting month.
i think i'm gonna stop here.
well, Salam Ramadhan. and Happy Birthday u little girl.