Wednesday, October 19, 2011


hi! dapat detect anything baru ? atau tak notice pun. 
(perasan sorang sorang) pphhewwww......
up above there. is the header of my blog. 
there's a 'orang lidi' girl standing right ?
u know why i put 'orang lidi' there ?
instead of sexy. gorgeous. awesome me.
(statement tak menahan)
background here is actually black and white of cartoons character.
really nice. tapi macam tak kene dengan title blog. hmmmm......
yes! i'm a bit 'lidi girl' BUT with big appetite.
more on food. all type of food. anything.
for sure Halal and especially mum-made.
(motif sangat tulis benda alah nie. macam tak cukup makan lak)