Sunday, November 20, 2011


I have always, essentially, been waiting. Waiting to become something else, waiting to be that person I always thought I was on the verge of becoming, waiting for that life I thought I would have. In my head, I was always one step away. In high school, I was biding my time until I could become the college version of myself, the one my mind could see so clearly. In college, the post-college “adult” person was always looming in front of me, smarter, stronger, and more organized. For many years, literally, I have waited to become the thin version of myself, because that’s when life will really begin. And through all that waiting, here I am. My life is passing, day by day, and I am waiting for it to start. I am waiting for that time, that person, that event when my life will finally begin. I am good at waiting. That seemed like a sad thing to be good at. And I’m waiting to fly really far. Uncounted distance. I’m waiting that perfect time. Then, no more to be wait for. Because that is hard being left behind. It's hard to be the one who stays.

Thank you Allah.